Best Shih tzu hairstyles?

Best Shih tzu hairstyles?

The traditional puppy cut is not the only choice for Shih Tzu hairstyles. You can also opt for more modern styles. A long topknot on top of the head and pixie-cut ears are all in style these days. Make sure to remove the rubber band when topknotting your dog’s hair, as it can cause matted hair. A long topknot with a slanted brow is another popular choice.


If you’d like to give your Shih Tzu hairstyle a more professional appearance, you can consider putting her in a topknot. This is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. Your Shih Tzu is sure to love the new look, but you do need to take some time to groom her properly. She will have to brush her hair daily and it should be secure enough not to pinch her skin. She should be able to do this regularly and securely.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that puppy topknots won’t work for young puppies, so you should use a baby barrette to hold the hair away from her eyes. You can also use petroleum jelly to hold the topknot in place. These two methods are effective, and they are safe for your Shih Tzu’s sensitive eyes. You’ll also need to secure the whiskers.

Full shave

A full shave is the most popular haircut for Shih Tzus. This style takes the hair down to the skin, which can protect the Shih Tzu from weather and other factors. The face and ears are usually left longer than the rest of the body. This hairstyle requires more grooming than a summer cut, but it’s still low-maintenance. However, if you are concerned about your Shih Tzu’s safety, consider going with a short shave.

If you want to give your Shih Tzu the ultimate puppy cut, you can shave it off at the base of its head. You can keep its face hair longer or even trim it to a level two inches shorter than the rest of the coat. Either way, the puppy cut is the perfect summer cut. A summer cut is easy to care for and allows the Shih Tzu plenty of freedom.

Teddy bear cut

A popular Shih tzu hairstyle is the Teddy Bear cut. This type of style features a short, fluffy topknot on the dog’s head and legs. Longer hair on the body contributes to the teddy bear appearance, but the added length adds to the dog’s maintenance requirements. Longer hair also tends to raise the temperature of the dog, making it an ideal choice for cooler climates.

A Teddy Bear cut is similar to a puppy cut, but it removes body hair and gives the dog a more rounded appearance. Teddy bear cuts aren’t suitable for all dogs, though. If you’re planning on showing your dog in an AKC show ring, a full show coat is required. But bear in mind that this hairstyle requires daily brushing and weekly grooming.

Lamb cut

A curly dog can look cute with a lamb cut. This style involves trimming the hair around the torso, legs, and chin. It’s great for all-year-round wear for curly-haired dogs, including Poodles and Airedale Terriers. A lamb cut keeps the legs warm while adding a stylish winter coat. To learn how to give your dog a lamb cut, read on.

This cut was originally developed for poodles. It involves clipping the body hair with a longer blade and scissoring it to create a fluffy effect. But it has spread across dog breeds and has become a popular request for groomers. The cut’s name translates to a standard length for the whole body, while the longer fur around the face is left longer. This style works well on dogs that have curly-haired legs and a playful personality.

Topknots with flared legs

The topknot with flared legs is one of the most popular types of dog hairstyles. This hairstyle is commonly seen on show dogs. It can be either short or long. The top knot that spills over the sides is called a „show cut,” while shorter knots are called buns. Some dogs even tolerate hair bobbles. The front and back section of the topknot should be secured with a silicone hairband.

A Shih Tzu’s coat is similar to human hair, which means that it can be incredibly long. Because of this, there are several styles you can choose from, including the classic puppy cut. The short puppy cut will never go out of style and is low-maintenance, making it perfect for warmer months. Another stylish look is the practical top knot. If you have a Shih Tzu with long hair, you may want to try the Lion Cut.

Show cut

If you’re considering giving your Shih Tzu a new haircut, you may want to consider the show cut. The show cut is a short, flowing coat that is famous for its popularity at dog shows. But this style can be very high maintenance and can make your pup extremely hot! As such, you will need to give your Shih Tzu regular grooming sessions. Here are a few tips on how to keep your Shih Tzu’s hairstyles looking great:

A show cut is not for everyone. Long coats require a great deal of maintenance. Despite their appearance, this cut can take 12-24 months to fully grow to floor length. It is not for everyone, so you may want to consider a shorter, cooler cut for your Shih Tzu. The main thing to remember with long hair is that your Shih Tzu will shed much more than other breeds!

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